About Us
shipping conditions
Out of consideration for our customers, we ship anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. Please contact us for more information on international shipping.

Our primary concern is the health and safety of our puppies and we want to get them to you as quickly as possible.

$300 shipping will be added to the puppy price. This fee includes airfare, the cost of a veterinarian to issue a puppy health certificate (required by the airline), an airline-approved portable his pet with attachable water and food bowls his carrier It is included. The date listed below the puppy photo is the earliest date we can ship. We make all the arrangements and make sure your puppy is ready to fly. He receives special care at the airport terminal before his departure.

Pets are the last thing you carry on the plane and the first thing you get off the plane. The cargo hold also has a dedicated area (separate from suitcases and regular cargo) kept at the same pressure and temperature as the passenger compartment. Safely housed in a cozy carry case with a soft towel and surrounded by a dark room and comfortable temperature, your pup will likely be taking a nap during the flight.

We do not use tranquilizers as they are dangerous and against airline regulations. If you need to pick up and drop off your puppy to the kennel, we will cover the additional cost if there is a delay. International customers may be required to pay additional duties upon collection.

picking up puppy at airport
Please call the number we provide before going to the airport. In most cases, please go directly to the Customer Service Desk in Baggage Claim. Please present a photo ID to pick up your puppy. You can provide him with food and water, depending on how far you go home. You don’t need to bring anything except photo ID and food/water (don’t forget your camera in case of a surprise).