Puppy Care

Our puppy guarantee
1 year health guarantee
please note:
By purchasing a puppy or dog (either online or in person) from Diamond Kennel Farm, the purchaser understands and agrees to all terms of this agreement.

THE FOLLOWING LIMITED HEALTH GUARANTEE APPLY ONLY TO THE PURCHASER. This contract is intended to protect both the buyer and the seller and covers only the cost of the dog.

To be eligible for the limited warranty set forth below, purchaser must have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within her first 48 hours. The 48-hour period begins when the puppies are shipped (if the puppies were transported on an aircraft carrier) or when the puppies are owned (if the puppies are taken personally to Diamond Kennel Her Farm). This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and good temperament at the time of purchase. If a problem is found, the Buyer must notify the Seller on the first inspection day and request a replacement. There are no guarantees for problems not diagnosed by a veterinarian. If there is a question about a defect, the seller reserves the right to obtain a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice, which supersedes the original opinion.

If the puppy is found to have a severe congenital defect (a defect that prevents the dog from having a normal pet life), the puppy will be returned within 24 hours of inspection and a replacement puppy (of equal or lesser value) will be offered. things). Do so only if Seller has received written confirmation of the specific defect from the examining veterinarian. If the purchaser chooses to keep the puppy, all medical expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser.

General problems or problems caused by the purchaser prior to veterinary examination (injuries, illnesses, vaccinations, etc.) are not warranted by the seller and are the responsibility of the purchaser. We are not responsible for veterinary costs, treatment costs, shipping costs, transportation costs, psychological stress and other related costs.

This puppy is sold as a pet only. There are no guarantees as to size, color, quality, fertility or future offspring. Failure to comply with proper care and health (including proper nutrition and regular veterinary care) will void this Agreement.